#thrive right now during challenging times with God on your side

You can feel confident that you are not alone, and that the most powerful force in existence is with you, and you can use faith to co-create amazing things for a better future.

Its easy to focus on the wrong things. In fact, most of the time, we focus on what we are afraid of, on what we don’t want to happen, etc., mostly taking a negative notion.

But what if we learned to acknowledge the negative contrast, and then intentionally focused on the good. What would result?

Sacred scriptures teach us that faith is an active thing. Faith accomplished many miracles. The words of Jesus were simple, “just believe”. Believing is the key ingredient. Without belief, ideas die instantly. With belief, ideas can grow, manifest, cause action, and change our physical world.

Faith has no boundaries. It finds the most expedient way to accomplish its vision. Faith is the combination of vision and belief. We are constantly creating through what we hold in our mind as our vision. Some do it without being intentional, and others have learned to be very intentional. Perhaps at times some do this, and at other times we relax and just cruise on autopilot, but this is a concept for another time.

My point is that through faith, we can create a vision of a better time beyond our current situation. We can create what we want the future to look like. Rather than occupy our minds with the worries and negative contrast, let’s learn to exercise our focus by creating a vision and believing in it, trusting that almighty God can, and will, deliver on our faith.

Let’s learn to do the following: recognize our situation, accept it as what is, ask for what we want by creating a new vision of the future with it included, then feel grateful and trust it is being delivered as promised by God. This is Active Faith. This is faith in action. By dwelling on this request, seeing it in your mind, and believing, God begins to work in ways you couldn’t even imagine, to deliver it you because that is how faith works. Ask and you shall receive. Believe that.

Sometimes we don’t need things though. We might just want a different situation. Is anything too hard for God. Believe that God works all things for your good, because you love God and do his will of loving others. With that said, a situation is just as easy to envision differently and believe in. When you get good at exercising faith, you’ll see that the two are actually the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s a thing or a situation, exercising Faith is a method by which we create our future. It is actually more like co-creating with God. And that is why we are said to be created in the image of God, because we have the power to create reality, to do good or evil, to love or to hate, and this multiplied by 8 billion people begins to shape our current reality. Ponder it.

Knowing that faith can change our reality in the future, begin to exercise it. Rather than trusting in your own brain and savvy, your muscles and strength, your wit and cunningness, begin to trust in God and believe that his way is better. Rather than trying to see the whole road to your destination, walk with God on a daily basis and trust the road is being laid for you and will get you to your destination that your vision and faith is working for. Walk daily, meaning, do the work in front of you, but trust that God sees the bigger picture. Learning to trust God is a light burden. Ours is heavy. Trying to figure everything out on your own is stressful, and literally impossible. You will always need help. Why not partner up with an omnipotent loving force that wants to Co-create life with you? I highly recommend giving it a try.

Find God for yourself. Talk with God. Walk with God. Let God guide you. Don’t let anyone hinder that. God can, and will, show you the right way for someone as unique as yourself.

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